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Bernhard Musil

layered art project


“Royal chaos” departs from the gestalt psychological term “Übersummativität”: the concept that, where personal experience is involved, the total is more than the sum of its parts.

Employing the photographic techniques of double exposure and superimposition, Bernhard Musil plunges the viewer into a controlled chaos of images created with up to thirty different photographic layers.

The source images hail from often unrelated fields and eras. Musil mainly focuses on religion, fashion and the erotic, as well as urban impressions, geometrical structures and reproductions of classical paintings and historical documentation.

Referencing Italian Mannerism and the Habsburg baroque, the various images combine to create a “Gesamtkunstwerk”, an orgiastic interaction of disciplines whose borders blur.

Musil‘s work highlights the complexity of everyday experiences, wherein internal streams of thoughts, impressions and semi-conscious associations are idiosyncratically interlinked.

Rather than dictating one particular “way of seeing”, the images offer a composite of individual associations, a matrix for numerous subjective visions woven into a multidi- mensitonal space of shifting forms and colors.

layered art project

limited series of seven
fine art prints each
3x 180cm x 120cm, Alu-Dibond
3x 210cm x 140cm, Alu-Dibond
1x 120cm x 80cm, Lightbox



Since 2008 Bernhard Musil is working exclusivly as an international photographer.

In STUDIO MUSIL he is working in media and advertising.

HERR MUSIL is his documentary project. The pictures which are used in the ROYAL CHAOS layered art are used from these.